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QStrategy™ Teleseminar

Q-Storming® and Strategic Planning

At the inception of a project or strategic planning initiative, it is imperative to be as aware as possible of all questions related to it. This is vital for “visioning the future” as well as for preempting problems. Since “every question missed is a crisis waiting to happen”, this is especially important in strategic planning. A missed question at the onset often results in major difficulties down the road.

In 1985 the Coca Cola Company, amidst great fanfare, introduced New Coke®, intended to replace the original formula. To the surprise of the company, this caused a public backlash and was a terrible commercial failure. In response, only months later, Coca Cola was forced to bring back the original coke, relabeled as Coke Classic®.

In their strategic planning for the launch, company executives apparently failed to ask critical questions such as: “Are there other factors, besides taste, that make our product so popular?” “Do people have an emotional attachment to our product?” as well as “How will customers react if we take away something they’re very attached to?”

Q-Storming® is an excellent method to make certain that such “up front” questions are surfaced in a timely manner, when they can make the most difference. Think of this as “an ounce of prevention”. Q-Storming® is a powerful method for preempting unanticipated, unwanted, and problematic breakdowns.

Q-Storming® is an invaluable complementary and supplementary method for any formal strategic planning process, including scenario planning. Q-Storming® is also valuable when strategic course corrections become necessary, either because of breakdowns or significant new information or opportunities arise.

QStrategy™ Teleseminar

  • 6 sessions; 1½ hours each, active assignments between/classes

  • Tuition: $595 per individual; non-refundable deposit of $125

  • Class size is limited; register individually or as a team

  • Completion of this Teleseminar qualifies participants to apply for the Q-Storming® Facilitator Certification Program

QStrategy™ formats: In addition to the Teleseminar format, QStrategy is also available as on-site training or in consultation.

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