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Our goal for this website is to provide resources that will be valuable and practical for you at work and in your life. Here you will find some Tools, or practices, that can guide you to be more successful in most any situation. You will also find some Quotes that can inspire you to appreciate and ask more and better questions.


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Change Your Questions Change Your Life
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QuestionThinkingtm (QT) Tools Below:


  Top 12 Questions for Success

  Chapter One - Change Your Questions - PDF File

  Choice Map - Two page PDF File

  Top 12 Reasons to Ask Questions


  Lines of Inquiry 

  Reflections Society of Organizational Learning

  Article from the Manchester Review: The Spirit and Discipline of Organizational Inquiry

  Article from the Manchester Review: Expert Question Asking

  From 12th Annual Global Forum for Action Learning - Dublin, Ireland, June 19-22, 2007

  From the book: Art of the Question, the last two pages

  White Paper - Question Reluctance PDF




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